My son and I went to the Chicago Auto Show  (  We are car buffs and this is an annual pilgrimage for us.  It’s a great event.  According to the show’s producers it’s the nation’s largest auto show.  I believe it because the place is always mobbed with attendees.

On the ride home from the show we were sharing our thoughts on our favorite cars and the ones we had on our dreamlist for when we hit the big time.  Part of the discussion came down to the question:  “Why did we feel we needed to go to the show when we had access to all the information (and more) on just about every car made on the planet via the Internet?”.   And, it was a heck of a lot easier getting that information using our tablets and laptops than having to navigate through throngs of people in a noisy,  overlit environment.

Based on our discussion, here is my summary of what we concluded about why we attended, and will continue to attend,  the show even as web technology continues to advance:

1.  No car salesmen following you around a car lot.  In addition to getting information on vehicles from the web, you can always go and visit a dealership.  Unless you do this on a Sunday when dealerships are closed, you are going to have to deal with salespeople asking you a lot of questions or bombarding you with vehicle information you likely already know and have.  The Auto Show is like walking the world’s largest new car lot without being pestered.  There’s a time and a place when a car salesman becomes a necessary and valuable part of the car-buying process, but sometimes all you want to do is look around….on your own.

2.  It’s interesting to observe others attending the show and what cars and displays they are drawn to.   For instance, there is a cordoned-off section of the show for the Ultra-Luxury and Super High Performance cars:  Think Ferrari, Rolls Royce, McClaren.  You can’t touch them, much less have the opportunity to sit in them.  You just get to look.  The crowd was five people deep around the display the whole time we were there.  Same goes for Chevrolet’s display of the new Corvette….you couldn’t get near it because there were so many people.  I would think it’s safe to say that very view people crowding around these displays are potential buyers for these vehicles.  And yet, every year, these are the category of car displays that draw the biggest crowds.

3. You can “look” (access pictures and specs) at these cars on the web anytime from the comfort of your own space.  And yet, and I agree, there is something exciting and satisfying actually seeing cars and trucks for real.  Something that will motivate you to drive for two hours on wintry roads and wiggle through crowds for up-close contact with cars and trucks.

4. The “Try It On” Factor.  Even though you have access all the dimensions and specs of vehicles on the web, you can only truly understand the physical characteristics of a vehicle by getting in it.  Vehicles that appear to have cramped interiors in web pictures may actually be quite spacious when you actually get to sit in one.  Personally, I’m always impressed with seeing the actual space available when you play with all the fold down seat options now available in many cars and SUV’s.

Here are examples of some of the cool cars that were on display at the show:


Auto Show 2013Auto Show '13 061Auto Show 3

And yes, I am in love with the Ferrari FF.

Great fun for the entire family.

Enjoy and Hey…………………Have a Great Day !!!!!