When your business needs a good, no BS Buddy to help you find TRUTH

Perspective Tune-Ups

Business Leaders are frequently out of touch. At the same time, they feel the pressure to be infallible. Information that is passed up to them is frequently watered-down or spiced-up. It is difficult to get a grasp on the TRUTH needed to make important decisions.

To respond to the new realities of today’s business world you need to change how you think, gather information and process that information. You need a confidant who can help you find a different lens for viewing information, problems and opportunities.I can be your personal sounding board. I am detached from the intrigues and drama of your organization. I help leaders overcome blind spots in their decision-making.

Facilitation of Strategy and Planning Meetings

What a facilitator does is plan, guide and manage a group event to ensure that the group’s objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and buy-in from everyone who is involved.

Examples of situations where I can help you navigate to a solution:

Meetings where the person that would typically lead the meeting should be participating in the discussion rather than having to focus on moving the discussion forward. Those times when input from all members of an organization is needed, without a person having to be concerned with leading the meeting.   We facilitate an atmosphere where people have permission to think out loud.My collaborative facilitation process can make a big difference in how decisions are made and the types of outcomes from your meetings.

Meetings where the topic is challenging and the discussion difficult. Where creating a trusting atmosphere would help the process be less contentious and go more smoothly.I diffuse tension and reduce drama.

Meetings where a new perspective would be useful due to: (1) topics being subject to internal conflict, (2) participants being too close to the situation, and/or (3) topics carrying too much historical baggage.I provide counsel when leaders are in a tough or embarrassing corner.

Using Humor to Get to Truth and Change Perspectives

Humor allows you and your team to think more clearly and make better decisions by Playing-Back and Play-With ideas in an interesting way. Humor is at the center of truth. As a former member of two improv comedy troupes, writer/producer of corporate events, and author of humor-based books, I produce interesting and fun team-building and problem-solving events to increase innovative thinking and enhance workplace collaboration. I enhance an organization’s collaborative decision-making process using my acumen of improv + business savvy.