Just when you started sleeping more soundly because you’ve spent a pile of money on the latest security technology to protect your internal data, here’s a reminder that some of the real dangers are the simple, human-based mistakes.

Oh, I know, everyone’s well aware of the potential threat that is presented. And, I’m sure the Leadership of the firm that is the subject of the video demonstration was totally confident that nothing like this could happen to them because of the increased security measures they put into place.

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Scary when you think about it..even scarier when you see a demonstration of what data can be taken from your firm in a few minutes time. Minimal-to-No cyber tech needed.

Do you know who’s accessing your data tonight?


PS: Steve Hunt, who created the demo video has a useful and interesting blog on security that is worth a couple minutes of your time to check out at: http://securitydreamer.wordpress.com/about/