It’s interesting how human behavior and thinking are timeless and consistent across all cultures, as evidenced by some ancient Chinese proverbs I came across:

Decisions should not be too clear.  Otherwise, when things go wrong you will have to take the blame.  Keep it vague.  (Su Weidao from the Tang Dynasty)

Poke the flames and burn yourself.  (Unknown)

Pioneers plant trees, but the latecomers rest in the shade.  (Unknown)

When the enemy asks for a truce without warning, he is up to something (Sun Zi)

Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall, but it’s the common people who suffer. (Zhang Yanghao)

Keep your mouth shut when required.  (Unknown)

It was when the country fell into chaos and confusion that there was talk of loyalty and trust.  (Lao Zi)

Only those who are ignorant about government insist on winning the hearts of the people.  (Han Fei Zi)

The intelligence of the masses is not to be respected or relied upon.  (Han Fei Zi)

To win the battle, retain the prize. (Unknown)

Beware a dagger hidden in a smile.  (Shi Nai’an)

Reputation is like a cake drawn on the ground.  If you’re hungry, it’s not much help.  (Emporer Ming)

From ancient times, men have mourned great things put to petty uses. (Lu You)

Reputation should be neither sought nor avoided. (Lao Zi)

Suppress your desire for glory, and you will never be disappointed. (Emperor Yu)

Watch your words and your deeds, for your words shall be spoken and your deeds shall be copied. (Unknown)

A gentleman would rescue a man trapped in a well, but he would not jump in himself.  He is not perfect,

but he is not stupid either.  (Confucius)

A tiger does not take insults from sheep. (Unknown)

Let’s take another bottle of wine, and discuss literature in great detail. (Du Fu)

If only good men were appointed to office, there would not be enough.  (Han Fei Zi)

The wise man does not stand beneath a collapsing wall (Unknown)

If you bow at all, bow low (Unknown)

Who cannot sail a ship when the sea is calm?  (Unknown)

The cunning rabbit has three bolt-holes.  (Feng Xuan)

Your words are meaningful but have no practical value (Hui Zi)

Everything useful perishes through use……Should I not rejoice in being useless?  (Zhuang Zi)

And my favorite:

In olden times, people studied to improve themselves.  Today, they only study to impress others.  (Confucius)

Enjoy and Hey…………………….Have a Great Day !!!!